New York Christmas Trees Early Twentieth Century

Load of Xmas trees, N.Y. [between ca. 1910 and ca. 1915] Library of Congress. Glass negative.

(Note that Thursday is Luddite Photo Day at B.P.A.)

6 thoughts on “New York Christmas Trees Early Twentieth Century

  1. John Walker

    Dear Kay,

    For the past year, I have really enjoyed reading your bloggs. I am hoping that in the New Year I will be able to inform you of the new technologies that have been developed in UK that will aid agriculture using all those ground dwelling bacteria that are in the rhizosphere that surrounds the roots of every plant.

    Thank you for providing such interesting information.
    All the very best and have an enjoyable Christmas

    Kind regards

  2. DB

    Two of my favorite things: draft horses and Christmas trees. Love it!

    We have a Christmas tree farm near us that’s also harvested with a helicopter. The terrain is very steep so nothing else would really work as well. Since the days are so short, they also set up these huge stadium lights so they can work late into the night. You’re driving down an otherwise dark quiet country road, go around a hill and then — WHAM! — you’re in a whole different world that is bustling like a beehive and lit up like Times Square.


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