Plowing a Field Using a Steam Engine Tractor

This remarkable video shows a 110 horsepower Case Steam Engine and its crew actually plowing a field in our modern times. The tractor is operated by the Oklahoma Steam Threshers Association in Pawnee, Oklahoma.

(Note that Thursday is Luddite Day at B.P.A.)

2 thoughts on “Plowing a Field Using a Steam Engine Tractor

  1. Nilgun

    I love Luddite Day!!! With all the manpower expended, a horse might be more efficient. Very cool, though. When was this behemoth built?

  2. K. McDonald Post author

    You surprise me that you love this old machinery! Thought you were more into modernism. ha.

    Anyway, Case stopped making steam engines in 1927, so I’d guess this tractor was between the turn of the century and then.

    Thanks for being a fan of Luddite day.


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