Grazing Enthusiast Allan Savory’s TED Talk

I’ve held this TED talk back to put up while I’m away from my desk for a few days, so if you haven’t seen it yet, watch this by Allan Savory. I understand it’s “gone viral”. I’ve featured Savory on this site a number of times before, including this interview by radio ecoshock.

For further reading, Aljazeera did a recent and fine piece about Australian farmers who are using integrated systems somewhat like Savory’s.

And, if you missed my recent and very popular piece about what some innovative North Dakota farmers are doing, it’s here.

Finally, here is a Canadian professor, Dr. Clark of Guelph University on the subject of rotational grazing.

One thought on “Grazing Enthusiast Allan Savory’s TED Talk

  1. John Walker

    It was so refreshing to hear someone talk absolute sense, namely using nature to man’s advantage. Having worked for many years on the periphery of agriculture, it is only in the last five years that through an accidental meeting with a University Professor that I came across the importance of mycorrhiza and rhizobacteria to plants including grasses which includes corn, wheat, legumes, sugarcane etc.

    If more people embraced what has been known for the past hundred years of how natural and ubiquitous resources can be used, there would be less talk regarding food security, pesticide residues in food, nutrient and pesticide run off into waterways together with a better utilisation of water resources as we have seen in Allan’s presentation

    There is a huge amount of information available to agronomists and the like that can be used but politics, multinationals and man’s negative attributes stand in the way. When will we learn?



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