2 thoughts on “PBS Video: California Milk and Chinese Demand

  1. Elish

    there is so much wrong here I Don’t know where to start… Besides the fact that this dairy industry is completely unsustainable, you have millions of cows being raised on GMO grains rather than grass.. So in addition to everything else, we can expect to see increases in China of autism, infertility, allergies and a host of other diseases which have spread in the U S With the widespread consumption of GMOs… And using a fifth of California’s precious water for alfalfa means sacrificing a balanced ecosystem just to promote pizza and cheese consumption in China… How unsustainable and warped can you get?

  2. Jason

    An interesting counter to the trend described in the well done video, is the growth of organic milk in the US. As one indicator, the number of Organic Valley Coop producers are increasing in CA even while conventional dairies are folding. That coop, and organic standards, keeps herd size down and related to available pasture. I am not saying that all forage is from pasture, hay is brought in, but not to the same extent and certainly fewer grains are fed too.

    In organic systems the goal is to be improving the local environment, not causing air and water pollution. I saddens me to see what should be a pastoral-based, regenerative system, such as good dairy farming, become what we see today. We may get lower prices in the supermarket, but pay for it elsewhere.

    Just to be clear: I am not an organic dairyman, and one doesn’t have to be organic to have good practices. Small, non-organic dairies suffer when large dairies drive prices down and outsource the problems they create.


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