Graph of Total Global Biofuels Production 2002 – 2012

Look at the plateau! Is this a trend, or temporary? By industry and policy predictions, it is temporary, but time will tell.

● World biofuels production declined by 0.4% (-0.1 mtoe) in 2012, the first decline since 2000. This resulted from a decline in the US of 4.3% (-1.2 mtoe).

● Increased output in South America and Asia Pacific was outweighed by declines in North America and Europe.

● Global ethanol output declined by 1.7%, the second straight annual decline.

● Biodiesel production grew by 2.7% and has doubled in the last five years and now makes up 31% of total biofuel supply.

Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2013. According to BP, the above data is from F.O. Lichts and US Energy Information Administration.

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4 thoughts on “Graph of Total Global Biofuels Production 2002 – 2012

  1. rjs

    hah! peak biofuels!

    there will be such a peak, you know…there is only so much arable land on earth, and once all of it is in production for food or fuel, gains will only be realized if we find or create plants more efficient at coaxing sugars or cellulose from the sun than those extant..

      1. rjs

        oh yeah…i forgot that, given adequate demand, the market will produce more arable land and sunlight as soon as it’s needed…


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