18 Inches of Rain on My SE Boulder Block This Week

Compost/gardening buckets in our backyard overflowed this week

Rather conveniently, a neighbor of mine is a retired meteorologist who does careful weather monitoring in his backyard. Though he’s in South America right now, his wife has been keeping the data and I sat down at their kitchen table this morning while she added up the total rainfall for me. It came to 17.96 inches for the seven day event in this part of southeast Boulder where our average annual precipitation is normally 20.7 inches. She was kind to do this for me in the middle of her own home disaster of dealing with a basement full of water.

I remember clearly when the rain began last Monday afternoon, because I went on a hike while it misted lightly, and was proud of my timing, since it started to rain hard as I returned home from the hike. And it has rained ever since.

As the storm is dissipating mid-day today, and the sun is out, we are seeing some very, very unusual tropical-looking clouds. (See below.)

The tropical-looking clouds on Monday morning shortly after the sun emerged

My neighborhood is a beehive of activity this Monday morning. Many houses already have service trucks around them, driveways are full of carpeting and basement belongings. Sump pumps continue to run with hoses draining water onto the streets. A number of unlucky ones are still dealing with sewer drain backup problems.

We are feeling lucky with our basement already drained and drying. Given a few hot days, nature should help with the much needed evaporation. I have four more wet boxes to go through, and then I’m heading out on my bicycle to see what the rest of this town looks like for the first time. We’ve been sheltering in place doing the work that needed to be done under our own roof and neighborhood so far.

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