3 Picks: Food Innovation, Antibiotic Resistance, Fracking Flood Damage

The Scarecrow, by Chipotle, now viewed over 5 million times on Youtube.

Below, are today’s three chosen agricultural-related news picks.

1) Fake food: the tech companies working to revolutionise how we eat protein. By Elisabeth Braw. “Ethan Brown likes the taste and texture of meat. He just doesn’t like the morals of it. Until now, that left him with the choice of eating an animal and feeling guilty, or going vegetarian and missing out on the juicy taste of grilled chicken. Fungi-based substitutes such as Quorn don’t tend to cut it with those who miss real meat. But Brown, a former clean-energy executive, belongs to a new generation of tech entrepreneurs who are taking a new approach to protein. … Brown’s solution is making plants taste like poultry. His Los Angeles-based company, Beyond Meat, produces protein that looks, tastes and feels like chicken – but is made entirely from plants…”

2) CDC Threat Report: Yes, Agricultural Antibiotics Play a Role in Drug Resistance. By Maryn McKenna. “The grave assessment on the advance of drug resistance, released Monday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, contained some important observations about the relationship between antibiotic use in agriculture and resistant infections in humans. Those observations, combined with remarks made yesterday by the director of the CDC and also with testimony given in the past by other CDC personnel, ought to put to rest what seems like a persistent meme: that the CDC has never said, or doesn’t believe, that agricultural antibiotic use plays a role in the advance of resistance…”

3) How much ecological damage resulted from the flood from fracking operations in Weld County? By Sharon Dunn. “Two of Weld County’s largest oil and gas companies on Wednesday reported oil and gas spills into floodwaters, as they and state regulators spent their days in the air and on the ground working to determine damage to operations within flood zones. Officials from Anadarko reported a 5,250-gallon spill near Milliken at the confluence of the South Platte and St. Vrain rivers; and Noble Energy was able to put a stop to two natural gas releases, while it worked to contain a third…”

DISASTER UPDATE: The pros finally arrived at our house today and they set up bigger fans and a dehumidifier in our basement. And our insurance company will be covering some of our damages/expenses, so that’s all very good news.

This news post was written and compiled by K. McDonald.

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