Photos: Cleaning Up a Mess After the Flood at Frasier Meadows Retirement Community

Yesterday (Tuesday) I took a few more photos following this Boulder flood, this time of the clean-up going on over at the Frasier Meadows Retirement Community, which is part of my neighborhood. The Daily Camera is also covering the retirement community’s story today, as they had no warning when a wall of water hit them at 8:15 p.m. Thursday evening, causing a power outage and the need to move and evacuate patients and residents. Five days later, a massive clean-up project is going on with brand new air handler units, and the removal of totaled cars from their underground parking.

In other happenings in my neighborhood, the people I feel for the most are those a block away who were particularly unlucky because of the underground design of our sewer system. There was a line of houses that started bubbling sewage water into their basements Thursday night. These houses all ended up with about four feet of black water containing fecal material in their basements.

Some of these neighbors were out of town, or husbands were out of town when it began. One was an invalid. One had done a beautiful remodel of their entire home a few years ago. One was in the process of a redo. One lady took a video of her basement toilet spouting black water several feet into the air and sent it in an email to her husband on the east coast telling him to get home.

These home owners started pumping the black water out of their basements but the backflow continued from the sewer because of the design of the pipes in that area so they were unable to make much progress overcoming it. Finally, crews came in and remedied the situation underground on Sunday by setting up special pumps.

The things we don’t know about our houses when we buy them!

At our house we have everything that we are trying to salvage drying in our driveway and separate piles of removed carpet, drywall, wood trim, and trash. I’ve been doing load after load of laundry to clean towels, blankets, and contents of some of the wet boxes.

It is a beautiful day with sunshine and an expected high of 81 degrees. Fans continue to run in our basement and as the day warms up, I turn the exhaust fans around to get some warmer air in to help with the evaporation. The city has announced free unlimited curbside pickup of trash next week in our neighborhood. We definitely have a good excuse for a neighborhood party a few weeks from now so that we can compare our stories.

Next, see the photos that I took on Tuesday of the Frasier Meadows Retirement Community clean-up.

9 thoughts on “Photos: Cleaning Up a Mess After the Flood at Frasier Meadows Retirement Community

  1. Don Greenfield

    OMG this is horrible. I had no idea that you and your area were directly impacted. Was the large flow of water do to a creek or a some other natural drainage source? We stayed dry although a lot of damage happened not far from our home. Can Aly and I help you in any way?

    1. K. McDonald Post author

      Don, thanks, I’ve been documenting how it’s affected us over the last week, so go back to previous posts. We’re in much better shape than many others, including some of our own neighbors, but it is quite the inconvenience.

  2. Stephen Schein

    My mom is a resident in the nursing home portion of Frasier.
    As bad as the pictures were of the outside, the inside is frayed, and looks even worse.

  3. Kaye

    Hi Kay! It’s Kaye….I an now in Boulder on S. 41st just south of Table Mesa (luckily we’ve had NO water!!! miraculous!) and I’ve seen this mess at Frasier Meadows too. I feel so bad for those residents. Things will never be the same for them. Thanks for the photos and info. You are getting out more than I am in our neighborhood. Looking forward to coffee with you soon!

  4. patrick k

    As someone who has never suffered a flood, how come so many cars are always left in harm’s way? You can’t move a house but a car? Does the water rise so fast that folks can’t move their cars a few blocks away?

    1. K. McDonald Post author

      There are a number of reasons. There are so many things to do at once. A wall of water comes very quickly. These are nursing home aged residents. It would be dangerous to rescue cars; and the personnel isn’t available as they’ve got lives to rescue; and they have maximized real estate by putting cars below buildings here in Boulder.

  5. Maureen

    I am a staff at Frasier Meadows. You are right. The reason why those cars where damaged is because the flood happened so suddenly. Our staff prioritize our beloved residents everyday and especially this day. Although there are over a hundred cars was destroyed. Everyone in our community is safe. Thank for featuring our community. More powers to all of you.


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