3 Picks: Worthless Ag Cliché, Food Blogging, CEO Farmers

Below, is a selection of recent agriculture-related news.

1) Let’s Drop the phrase “Feed The World”: by Margaret Mellon. “After years of participation in public discussions about agriculture, I’ve developed something of an allergy to the catchphrase ‘feed the world.’ It seems to come up with depressing regularity to justify, among other things, pesticides, industrial-scale monoculture, and biotechnology, all of which we must embrace—all together now—to feed the world. What gets under my skin is that the phrase is so often used by advocates of high-input American corn and soybeans, who otherwise seem not terribly concerned about problems of hungry people or farmers in developing countries….”

2) At Scientific American, Science Writers are Blogging about Food: by Andrew Revkin. “… the magazine today has also launched Food Matters, a group blog taking a multi-dimensional look at the science of food — from the fields where it is grown to the dark recesses of the gut where it is digested and beyond.”

3) U.S. professionals quitting the rat race to become farmers: by Karen Weintraub. “Now, a small but – anecdotally – growing group of Americans are leaving the structure and security of an office job for the gruelling, yet rewarding work of earning money from the land. Some want to be a part of improving the food supply for themselves and their community; others are excited by the prospect of becoming self-sufficient, or simply working outdoors like their ancestors did.”

BONUS: The 20 big questions in science.

Written and compiled by K. McDonald.

ART CREDIT: Cross Road–Still Life, ca. 1933-1934, oil on canvas by Paul Benjamin. Via flickr CC by cliff.

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