3 Picks: Agri-data Shutdown, Aspire’s Bug Food, India’s Grain Storage

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Below, are today’s three chosen agricultural-related news picks.

1) Agribusiness Loses its Data: By David Kesmodel. “Under a shutdown, the U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to furlough employees responsible for some daily and weekly statistical reports on agriculture that are closely watched by traders and investors. Any delays of such reports–which include everything from daily wholesale pork prices to weekly figures on chicken-egg supplies–could affect commodity and equity investors who rely on the information. A shutdown “certainly would make things more difficult for investors,” said Brett Hundley, an agribusiness analyst with BB&T Capital Markets in Richmond, Va. “The USDA presents some of the best data in the world for any industry, and it can lead to good decision-making by investors. … The potential partial shutdown comes as a one-year extension of the 2008 farm bill is set to expire on Monday night. Congress may negotiate on a new farm bill, which has been a contentious topic on Capitol Hill, in coming weeks. The new legislation is likely to end the direct-payment program and plow some of the savings into an expansion of crop-insurance support and other assistance programs for farmers.””

2) Aspire: A Bug-Eating Start-Up: By Marqui Mapp. “CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo interviews a panel about the million-dollar idea that took the Hult Prize competition by storm. McGill University’s Aspire team won, and the company’s intent is to feed 21 million people with its insect products over the next five years.

3) Rabobank report: Right times to invest in Indian grain storage: “Demand for grain warehousing in India is expected to grow in the coming five years, according to a new report by Rabobank, driven by an envisaged grain-storage deficit, inadequate storage and the new Indian “Food Security Bill”. Collectively, these trends are provoking the development of large-scale storage solutions which would be a mix of silos and traditional brick godowns. However, long gestation periods and fluctuating government policies have meant that large corporations have been cautious to invest in the past. Rising land prices and declining labour availability bolster the already strong case for modernised silo storage and handling solutions…”

This news post was written and compiled by K. McDonald.

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