Agriculture News Links – October 30, 2013

Below, please find my recent agricultural-related news recommendations.

1. Farmland and currency key in “unprecedented” Chinese reforms. (Fresh Fruit Portal)

2. Expert: Rising water demand will force more “holistic” approach. (NCBR)

3. EU Kills Bill to Limit Food-Based Biofuels. By Charles Kennedy. (

4. Farming advances with appliance of science to tractor technology. By Neil Munshi. (FT)

5. Howard G. Buffett Wants to End Hunger, One Chance at a Time. By Bryan Walsh. (TIME)

6. Grass-fed beef industry bullish on new USDA report. By John O’Connell. (Capital Press)

7. Onion crisis leaves trail of tears across India. By Ansuya Harjani. (CNBC Asia)

8. Thieves Pose as Truckers to Steal Huge Cargo Loads. By Roxana Hegeman. (AP)

9. Parasitic plants move genes. By Jeff Mitton. (Daily Camera)

10. Argentines link health problems to agrochemicals. By Michael Warren & Natacha Pisarenko. (AP)

11. Arianna Huffington & Pierre Omidyar Visit the Farm. By Richard Ha. (Huffington Post)

12. Debtors’ prison. (The Economist)

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