Agriculture News Links – October 21, 2013

Below, please find my recent agricultural-related news recommendations.

How to Feed the World – Mark Bittman – NYTs

Cockroach Farms Multiplying in China – Barbara Demick – LA Times.

US solar-powered desalination gives cattle clean water – Green Futures Magazine

How the Precious Orchid Got So Cheap – Eva Dou – WSJ

What happens to urban chickens when they stop laying? – The Economist

This Isn’t Your Granny Smith’s Harvesting Technology – Lindsey Smith – NPR

With high-end & customised Ferrari tractors in the field, farmers in India report high yield – Chanchal Pal Chauhan – The Economic Times

‘White pollution’ on the rise in China’s plastic-covered agriculture sector – Sam Canpadee – Shanghaiist

Research shows farmers second only to construction workers in hearing loss – Christopher Doering – DesMoines Register

Japan Seeks to Export More High-End Food – Mari Iwata – WSJ

Who ‘owns’ the apples? New York’s newest varieties require a fee for their ‘intellectual property’ value – Don Cazentre –

World Coal Consumption To Surpass Oil By 2020 Due To Rising Demand In China And India – Florence Tan – Reuters

This news post was compiled by K. McDonald.

2 thoughts on “Agriculture News Links – October 21, 2013

  1. DB

    I found the article about urban chickens interesting. I have seen ads on Craigslist from people supposedly running chicken “retirement homes” but always thought that was just a scam to get free chickens. From my experience, the best solution is just to find a local butcher. Unless you are set up for it, home butchering is a messy business. Of course my opinion might be tainted by my childhood memories … I never liked being on the feather-plucking squad.

    And as far as the “cockroach farms” are concerned … the ICK-factor seems pretty high.


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