Agriculture News Links – November 8, 2013

Below, please find this week’s agricultural-related news recommendations.

1. Grant Helps Farmers Borrow Ancient Techniques to Grow Shiitake Mushrooms. By Jeffrey R. Wakefield. (Univ. of Vermont)

2. Martell farmers swap horsepower for giddy up and go. By Riley Johnson. (Journal Star)

3. After 380-plus years, New Hampshire family sells farm. (Fox News and AP)

4. Grass-fed beef cooperative making sizeable gains. By Matt Johnson. (lacrosse tribune)

5. Carbon farming: it’s a nice theory, but don’t get your hopes up. By Gabrielle Chan. (Guardian)

6. Thieves steal $400,000 worth of California walnuts. By David Pierson. (LA Times)

7. Reprogrammed bacterium speaks new language of life. By Linda Geddes. (New Scientist)

8. Zeer Pots: A Simple Way to Reduce Post-Harvest Food Waste. By Stephanie Buglione. (Worldwatch Inst.)

9. TRACTORS: Minnesota plant to roll out new Challengers. By Barry Amundson. (Tristate Neighbor) / Mahindra launches tiny tractor ‘Yuvraj’ for hill farms. (Business Standard) / New Fendt 800 Vario and 900 Vario tractors. (Farming UK)

10. MIDDLE EAST: Qatar’s food security plans get a boost. By Bonnie James. (Gulf Times) / Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi aiming to produce aviation fuel from plants. By Caline Malek. (The National)

11. HEALTH: For Mind And Body: Study Finds Mediterranean Diet Boosts Both. By Allison Aubrey. (NPR The Salt)

12. GARDENING: Local Farmer Grows Beans from the Basque Region. (Cooking Up a Story) / Gardening ‘linked to longer lives’. By James Gallagher. (BBC)

13. MACRO: A big thanks to reader David, who sent me a link to this 1.5 hour video titled “The Four Horsemen”. I’ve watched a lot of videos since the financial crisis, and read a lot of articles, but have to say this is one of the best, so if you can eek out the time to watch it, I highly recommend it. This documentary is proactive/positive in its efforts to inform and suggest the best ways forward—from today’s leading respected spokes-persons such as FT’s Gillian Tett and MIT Sloan School of Management’s Simon Johnson. Help spread the link around to all the sheeple you know. Also, this week Charlie Rose did his annual interview of The Economist editorial team. Two interesting statements from the show were 1) America is acting as if it’s a small nation regarding taxes, but as a large nation regarding spending, and, 2) that lately newly devised REITS and other investment vehicles are evading taxes altogether on rich annual profits, and the concern is that this evasion is occurring to benefit the 1%. The whole listen is worth your time. Finally, if you are a frustrated retiree, don’t miss this by Al Lewis.

(Photo taken by myself during a delightful visit to the Santa Barbara Farmers Market last month. How I envy those who eat from the bounty of the Mediterranean climates of the world, such as the southern coast of California. My absolute favorite product on this visit was the fresh grapes, which far surpassed the taste and quality of any that we are ever able to buy in the middle of the country.)

3 thoughts on “Agriculture News Links – November 8, 2013

  1. eric

    The Carbon Farming article’s final paragraphs directly contradict the title. More crap journalism. I think this is an important topic, I wish editors would give it a little more thought as I’m sure there is plenty of information in the study being reported to provide a more useful description of the information. This is absolutely an avenue to sequester carbon, we just need to figure out how to do it effectively. We need more research projects to determine how to do this. Articles with titles like this deter such efforts.


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