Bananas, Apples, Potatoes, and Tomatoes are the most Popular Fruits and Vegetables in the U.S.

• According to USDA data, 383.2 pounds of vegetables per person were available for Americans to eat in 2011, down from a peak of 424.7 pounds per person in 1996.

• The decline was largest for potatoes (34.5 pounds) due to decreased production, followed by carrots (7 pounds), head lettuce (6.1 pounds), and tomatoes (4.2 pounds).

• Despite declines in potato and tomato consumption, these two vegetables still dominate U.S. vegetable consumption.

• In 2011, 86.3 pounds per person of tomatoes and 83 pounds of potatoes (not including dehydrated and chips) were available for Americans to eat. French fries and pizza from fast-food restaurants and grocery stores contribute to the high consumption of these two vegetables.

• The third highest vegetable, sweet corn, came in at 24.1 pounds per person in 2011.

• Americans ate an average of 47.8 pounds of fresh fruit per person in 2011, up from 37.2 pounds in 1970.

• While bananas and apples still top the list of most popular fresh fruits, the amount of bananas consumed grew between 1970 and 2011, and consumption of fresh apples declined.

• Watermelons and grapes moved up in the rankings, strawberries replaced grapefruit, and per-person consumption of fresh oranges fell.

Source: USDA

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