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“The Sower” ~ 1903 repro from art book ~ Bruck, Lienz

What’s the announcement?
I’m very pleased and excited to announce that a sister-site of Big Picture Agriculture has been launched!

Description of the new site.
The new site, titled Sowing Agricultural Seeds Daily, is a stand alone platform that will feature and promote quality articles about agriculture. It is a site of links categorized by general topics, including the latest important agricultural reports and studies. It will be a source of quality information put together all in one place.

The nature of the article links that I will include will be more about informational articles that have lasting value than about current news articles, and more about quality of articles, than quantity of articles. The categories will include the subjects that I cover here on this site named in the by-line above: economics. policy. energy. water. food security. science. sustainable practices. urban & lifestyle farming. It should appeal to producers of all kinds—and provide a bit of entertainment, too.

What is its purpose?
When I started this site a few short years ago, I did so because it seemed that there was a dearth of coverage about agriculture online, which amazed me because we all know that it’s the most important subject in the whole world. Since then, there has been an explosion in online coverage of the subject, both from main stream media, and from new writers and websites arriving to the scene. It seems that the subject of agriculture itself has gone from being unsexy to sexy, and everyone wants a piece of the action.

What is the reader to do?

There are so many agricultural headlines and so much overlap these days, that I’ve come to the conclusion that the best use of my time would be to promote the quality work of others through providing a trustworthy, concise, and user-friendly information source for those interested in reading the latest agricultural articles.

This fits with my philosophy and outlook, too.
It is my opinion that the subject of agriculture is complex and requires local solutions. While feeding people is most dependent upon first, natural resources, then, national policies and economics; as in other sustainability subjects of concern globally—hope for positive change is coming from the bottom-up—from the consumer and regional levels. Science is also advancing rapidly and I see some game changers on the horizon for “feeding the world.” Rather than trying to judge what is “right” and “wrong” we need to observe and follow those trends which make the most sense for individual regions. We are living in an unprecedented time period of mass communication ability. It is my hope that this new internet page will be a valuable tool to help aid the spread of useful information—specifically about agriculture.

How can readers help?
1. Please help me promote the new site anyway you can. Share it with your social media circles. Link it on your websites. Send it to anyone you think might be interested in the site.
2. Let me know if you have any technical problems with the site. It should be usable with all browsers and on all devices.
3. Readers are welcome to help with the site by suggesting articles by sending me links. Let’s make this a joint effort.
4. The left sidebar is still a work in progress. If I’ve omitted any academic reference sites, especially, please send me your link.
5. Any suggestions for improving the site are welcome. The new site does not allow comments, so please leave your suggestions about the new site under this post.

What about Big Picture Agriculture?
This site will continue, though posts here may be less frequent than in the past, and some refocusing efforts may evolve over time. I continue to be enthusiastic about writing, and want some time to pursue that ambition in alternative ways. For the near future, this new “Sower” site will be the primary focus of my online efforts.

A final note.
To help launch the new site, I’ll be leaving this post up for several weeks so that those who check in here less frequently are also sure to see it.

To view the new website, go here


[You will see that at the very top of the new website, there is a button which will return you back to Big Picture Agriculture.]

21 thoughts on “Announcing New Sower Website”

  1. I like it – well done – hope to contribute with interesting articles – will pass on to my colleagues – it will broaden their knowledge of what is going on around the world – sustainable agriculture must be promoted more as it is essential if we are to produce more food on the land available to feed the millions of mouths added each year on this planet. It is possible with a bit of logical thinking rather than only thinking of profit that can be gained through fair means or foul.

  2. This is going to be a fantastic resource for teachers. As a high school econ teacher your writings and links are invaluable to me. SO MANY basic econ principles can be taught with Ag topics. And you certainly provide a wide range of subjects.

    If you do any sort of active outreach to attract readership I would suggest middle school and/or high school social studies focused websites or aggregaters (sp?). The home school world could benefit also.

    I will link on my blog too and continue to visit often for content.


    Gene Hayward

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback. No sure what you mean by your question. The way it is set up now is the way it is meant to be, however, in the future, it could be changed somewhat.

    multi-threading links?

    1. I’ll have to do some research to be more specific. I’ll let you know if I find something that clarifies what I have in mind.

  4. Congratulations on the new site. I can see that you have put in some hard work to get it up and running. It will be a very useful resource.

    One friendly suggestion, is there any way to put links at the top of the page to the categories that otherwise require several page-downs to reach, e.g. USDA Reports and Foods, Diet, Health? It would make navigating the page a little easier.

    I still like the old BPA site best and hope that you don’t abandon it altogether.

    1. Good to hear from you DB.

      I did the best I could setting it up with minimal scrolling down. Will continue to tweak, I suppose, as time goes along.

      Am trying to weigh a few different issues and strike the best balance of how I spend my time. More on that later…


    However, I do have one very minor comment that I am not sure is unique to me or to the page.

    When we click on a link it does not open up in a new browser. So if we go read an article and maybe follow another link (or 3!) then it is necessary to hit Back several times to get back to you. It is easy to lose track or to click on close window then there is not direct route back to your page. This maybe the most “First World Problem” ever. :)

    I hope this makes sense and you know what I am referring to.

    Again, THANKS!!

    Gene HAYWARD

    1. Gene
      Actually, if I’m interpreting the problem correctly I have two easy solutions for you.
      You can right click on your mouse (like a 2 finger click on a touch pad) which will give you an option to open the article under a new tab.
      Or, you can hold the control key down when you click on the article link and that will open it in a new tab.
      If you use a mouse, you can buy one with a center wheel that clicks directly into a new tab, skipping the other steps (above). (That’s what I use.)

      There is a way to code it to have the link come up in a new window, but you still have to back arrow many times if you’ve gone clicking on more links. (I tried it and thought it was of no advantage.

      I think there’s a way you can set up your mouse so that a link opens in a new tab or window, also.

      I’m so glad you brought this up because I think that each time one person asks a question or leaves a comment there are many more who are thinking the same thing — quietly. Please get back to me and let me know what you think. Perhaps I need to put a note about how to open links in a new tab on the sidebar, too.

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