Duck Sex

Ok, so this is a pretty respectable site, eh??

Not much x-rated.

Until today.

No, I wasn’t surfing the ‘net for duck porn, someone actually sent this link to me. You see, I meet with some awesome ladies for coffee on Saturday mornings, and we recently had a discussion about ducks, about eating ducks, about childhood memories about ducks, and about a pond in someone’s backyard here in Boulder where snapping turtles regularly eat the ducks swimming on it. Life eats life. Life is cruel. Get used to it.

Following that discussion, I received an email from one friend in the group who loves science, who sent me the link (below) with this note:

No one ever told me this fact about ducks – did you know this !? Is this something to share with our coffee group?

The video is simply titled “True Facts About the Duck”, which I’d have to say is an understated title.


I never knew these amazing facts about the duck. !!! How about you?

Photo © Andrea Westmoreland

7 thoughts on “Duck Sex

  1. RBM

    Hehe, so, the ole pig ain’t the only corkscrew penis on the farm ?

    I never knew that about ducks. And it regrows ! Evolutionarily amazing.

  2. Llewellyn

    I knew about the corkscrew but not regrowth and amazingly size does count…. when you have competition… hahahahaha.
    I have just started with a pair of white pekin and a pair of muscovies and the muscovy has already laid eggs… looking forward to the experience.


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