Advanced Rail Energy Storage (ARES): Using Trains to Store Renewable Energy

This video explains and demonstrates what looks to be a very encouraging development in the storage of renewable intermittent energy, which is one of the greatest challenges facing us today in our desire to transition to renewables.

Just like hydro power uses gravity to make energy, this rail car, a box full of rocks, and the power of gravity can be used to store energy from renewable power such as wind and solar, which could help stabilize the power grid.

This system, called Advanced Rail Energy Storage (ARES), is being tested right now in Tehachapi, California. It uses a diesel engine and carries a four ton concrete pad. Its developers have patented the system and it has been peer reviewed.

KGET TV 17 from Advanced-RES on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “Advanced Rail Energy Storage (ARES): Using Trains to Store Renewable Energy

  1. rjs

    thats a lot like my plan to use pumped hydro to store off peak wind power from the great lakes…i would draw water out of lake ontario, pump it uphill in off peak hours through lake simcoe to the georgian bay of lake huron, then reverse it to generate power at peak time….there are already canals & some hydro generators on the course i proposed…the volume of water available makes it a long tem (seasonal) solution

  2. rjs

    pumped hydro, especially where reservoirs of water are accessible and available…considering the infrastructure needed for this storage method, and it’s physical limits, it’s application would be limited to those sites where pumped hydro or other storage methods are impossible or impractical..

  3. rjs

    i’m not familiar enough with the Colorado river reservoir capacities and their elevations, but it would seem that in any location where two decent size reservoirs are in relative close proximaty, pumping water to the higher one of any pair during off peak hours would subsequently increase the generating capacity of that hydroelectric plant during the times when it’s needed…


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