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A Solar Robot Farm Data Collector Out of Australia

It’s called the Lady Bird.

The Australian Centre for Field Robotics has built this intelligent robot for the vegetable industry.

In the first video, construction and testing of the vehicle is shown on a commercial vegetable farm operation near Cowra, New South Wales. The vehicle can drive autonomously up and down rows of a vegetable farm, gathering data. The Ladybird is a solar electric powered vehicle, and during a three day trip, the testers didn’t need to charge the vehicle once.

The second short video shows the types of Lady Bird data being collected.

Can’t wait until this Lady can weed the vegetables !!! Or – – – drive me down the highway.

Cape Barren Geese

This is an interesting heritage goose breed.

Photo Flickr CC by Charles Strebor. Cape Barren Geese at Churchill Island Heritage Farm in Australia.

Cape Barren goose is a greyish Australian goose, Cereopsis novaehollandiae, having a black bill with a greenish cere

[Named after Cape Barren Island in the Bass Strait]