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The Iconic Willie Shepherd and His Antique Equipment

This photo is by Darron Birgenheier @FlickrCC. It is of Willie Shepherd, his son, and his dog, who live in Lookout, California. They are running an antique plow behind an antique Case tractor HDR.

Willie collects old tractors, cars, trucks, bulldozers and vehicles of varied and sundry description and he also renovates and runs old steam engines. A few years ago, he had a steam powered sawmill in operation, and for years he’s been showing and demonstrating his equipment for anyone who is interested.

Iconic Farm Family Lunch 1941

Don’t you agree that this is such a great photo? Look at the pigtails! Everyone has their glass of milk, and the age span of the five children is not great. Think of the work of getting that meal on the table everyday for lunch. Their space is cramped, a mixer sits in the background, and the plastic tablecloth is covered with a fabric one. I like the stack of Wonder bread in the foreground.

Boyer Edwin Fry and his family eat lunch in the kitchen of the family farm in Laytonsville, Maryland in July 1941. Photo courtesy National Archives and Records Administration.

Clockwise, starting from the left they are: Margery Ogle Fry Grace, Amy Elizabeth Fry Leber, Frederick Alfred Fry, Edwin Dewey Fry, Edwin Clarkson Fry, George C. Fry, and Susan Clarkson Ransome Fry. The farm was on Sundown Road, Laytonsville, Maryland. The photographer was Dave Boyer, from Salt Lake City. He served as a photographer for the US Navy during WWII, and later gained fame as a career photographer for National Geographic. The Fry family, who were neighbors of Harold Ickes, ran a dairy farm that served as Dave Boyer’s home away from home.

In Honor of Luddite Day: How Overfishing Got its Start

Original Caption: “Save the products of the land. Eat more fish – they feed themselves.”, ca. 1917 – ca. 1919. Created By: U.S. Food Administration. Educational Division. Advertising Section. From: World War I Posters. The U.S. National Archives.

How would you change the wording on this poster today? Eat more fish – until they’re gone? I’d love to hear your ideas.

Just a note to my Luddite Day photo-fans. I know I haven’t done a “Thursday is Luddite day here…” for quite a while. For those who don’t know, I did a Luddite photo day every Thursday for several years up until a few months ago.

As this site shifts its focus and as the internet takes and expands, I’ve decided to pass the old farm photo torch to Modern Farmer. Not long after they launched, I got a note from their online editor saying how much he loved Big Picture Agriculture, and, then I noticed they were posting old farm photos in large batches once a week. (Not sure why “Modern Farmer” would like old photos but that’s not my decision.) So, I will still do an old photo from time to time, because I still love them, too, but for now, I’ll focus more on written posts. Thought Luddite photo fans here deserved an explanation, however.