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A Solar Robot Farm Data Collector Out of Australia

It’s called the Lady Bird.

The Australian Centre for Field Robotics has built this intelligent robot for the vegetable industry.

In the first video, construction and testing of the vehicle is shown on a commercial vegetable farm operation near Cowra, New South Wales. The vehicle can drive autonomously up and down rows of a vegetable farm, gathering data. The Ladybird is a solar electric powered vehicle, and during a three day trip, the testers didn’t need to charge the vehicle once.

The second short video shows the types of Lady Bird data being collected.

Can’t wait until this Lady can weed the vegetables !!! Or – – – drive me down the highway.

The Electric Ziesel. I Want One.

Who Wouldn’t Want One? The Ziesel Workmachine.

This is an electric motored machine with lithium-battery technology.

This fun-to-watch video features the Ziesel multipurpose vehicle and shows some of its farm applications and versatility. Tracks mean that it causes very little soil compaction as it does its work. It has mounting equipment on the front and back, too.

To see specs go to the company website here:

The Iconic Willie Shepherd and His Antique Equipment

This photo is by Darron Birgenheier @FlickrCC. It is of Willie Shepherd, his son, and his dog, who live in Lookout, California. They are running an antique plow behind an antique Case tractor HDR.

Willie collects old tractors, cars, trucks, bulldozers and vehicles of varied and sundry description and he also renovates and runs old steam engines. A few years ago, he had a steam powered sawmill in operation, and for years he’s been showing and demonstrating his equipment for anyone who is interested.

Missouri Tractor on Rural Road

Tractor on rural road in Moniteau County, Missouri.
Photo by by Cathy Morrison, MoDOT. July 10, 2014.

Today’s larger, spread-out farms, and today’s huge machinery, including tractors and combines, are causing a problem on rural highways. There are many accidents which result, too. Each state keeps statistics on farm equipment road-related accidents and people might be surprised if they knew the numbers.

From the farmer’s perspective, urban areas keep encroaching on his/her territory, plus the roads get busier and busier, which makes moving equipment around extremely difficult, as I’ve heard expressed by local farmers here in Boulder County. Often it must be done in the wee off-hours of the day or it would be altogether impossible.

This is an under-reported story that one of my agricultural writer-follower friends needs to take up and run with.