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In the Bigger Picture…. Friday Edition

6 Recommended Agricultural Links ○ ○ ○

1 . The world has been hoping for a breakthrough in antibiotic science, and now it seems one has emerged from the vast microbial world in soil. Perhaps this is just the start, as some have referred to soil as the next frontier.

By James Gallagher, BBC News

2 . Here’s a great investment you probably never thought of. It’s called a tractor, and auctions of late have been remarkable.

By Greg Peterson for Agweb

3 . A twenty year study shows a disturbingly strong relationship between pesticide exposure and depression.

By John Crabtree for Center of Rural Affairs

4 . Whatever your views are on organic versus industrial farming and genetic modification, this article challenges prevailing thinking in many ways.

By Henry I. Miller for Forbes

5 . The revolving door: Days after former Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns, left the Senate, he landed on the board of Deere Corporation.

By Joseph Morton of the World-Herald Bureau

6 . Though some of us might heartily agree, Tom Vilsack was joking when he told a rural Midwestern audience recently that “If my parents were alive today and knew I was the Secretary of Agriculture they would think that there was something seriously wrong with the country.” (!!!) An Iowa lawyer is indeed best qualified to be Secretary of Agriculture in today’s system which is largely about lobbying and politics.

by Amy Mayer, Harvest Public Media

These links were selected by Kay McDonald. For continually updated news about agriculture, please utilize the news feeds on the right sidebar here, and on the “Latest Ag News” tab above.

In the Bigger Picture….

6 Recommended Agricultural Links ○ ○ ○

1 . Have you heard of (!) the Biotech Yield Endorsement? Through it, farmers planting triple-stacked GMO seeds get a 13-20 percent discount on their crop insurance premiums. (Kudos to a Datu Research report, funded by the Walton family.)

By Brain DeVore at the Land Stewardship Project

2 . The “Fresh Thyme Farmers Market” stores are continuing to expand across the Midwest, hoping to have 60 stores by 2019.

By Pamela Riemenschneider for The Packer

3 . This just could be (!) the future: Multiple big equipment marching across big agricultural fields. And, in case you’re wondering why corn silage, think biogas policy in Germany.

8.5 minute Youtube video showing Kemper Machinery (in German)

4 . A coming trend? Poultry consumption is popular, but rife with growing pains from concerned consumers. More choices are becoming available from small operations – producing high quality heritage breeds in healthier environments.

By Matthew Kronsberg for the WSJ

5 . These two Ag Economists told the Wall Street Journal this week how to shave an easy and logical $40 billion off the taxpayers bill for crop-insurance. (paywall)

By Bruce Babcock and Vincent H. Smith, WSJ Opinion

6 . Investors and food insecure nations around the globe have been investing in farmland. This trend could be in its infancy.

from The Economist

Happy New Year Everyone!

These links were selected by Kay McDonald. For continually updated news about agriculture, please utilize the news feeds on the right sidebar here, and on the “Latest Ag News” tab above.

A Solar Robot Farm Data Collector Out of Australia

It’s called the Lady Bird.

The Australian Centre for Field Robotics has built this intelligent robot for the vegetable industry.

In the first video, construction and testing of the vehicle is shown on a commercial vegetable farm operation near Cowra, New South Wales. The vehicle can drive autonomously up and down rows of a vegetable farm, gathering data. The Ladybird is a solar electric powered vehicle, and during a three day trip, the testers didn’t need to charge the vehicle once.

The second short video shows the types of Lady Bird data being collected.

Can’t wait until this Lady can weed the vegetables !!! Or – – – drive me down the highway.