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Old Image: Pawnee County Nebraska Conservation Planning Group 1960

Conservation farm planning group meeting to develop and revise their conservation watershed projects and accelerate the application of land treatment measures. December 8, 1960. Pawnee County, Nebraska, 9 miles North of Pawnee City. Photographer: D.E. USDA Soil Conservation Service. NRDC Photo.

(Note that Thursday is Luddite Photo Day at B.P.A.)

Video: Latino Farmers in Nebraska

Nebraska Public Television did a half-hour episode telling the story about its Latino population which is involved in agriculture. Very few of the Latino children who are educated in Nebraska, often in meat producing counties, plan to work in the agricultural sector, however. The cost of entry into farming here in the U.S. is an obstacle to farming for immigrants. Another problem that is addressed in this video is USDA loan accessibility for Latinos who wish to own land and begin farming. Given today’s set of rural demographic circumstances, I think that this is an important story, and a video worth watching.