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TED Talk: Jason Pontin on Technology’s Role in Solving Future Problems

Jason Pontin: Can technology solve our big problems?

In this ten-minute TED talk, Jason Pontin, MIT Technology Review editor-in-chief, looks at the future of technology. Using the term “accelerative thrust,” he is optimistic about technology’s ability to solve today’s problems which face humanity, including “feeding the world.”

Personally, whether or not technology can “save us” is my biggest looming question. I, too, am optimistic about that possibility on most days, for the short term, anyway, providing we can solve our energy fix and advance in our cooperation of working together as human beings.

Pontin goes into the reasons that we don’t solve big problems: sometimes we don’t want to; because our political systems fail; sometimes the problems aren’t technological e.g. famines are usually political crises; or, because we don’t really understand the problem.

“Hard problems are hard,” he says.