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Growth of Mobile Phone Use for Agriculture Markets

Map of 850,000 mobile phone visits to CME website in 2013

This was a rather impressive map and statistics from CME group showing the rapid growth of mobile device use accessing markets. I might add that though I haven’t kept track of numbers, it seems that rather suddenly many of this site’s readers are also now accessing through mobile phones. (The current percent for this site is 40 percent mobile devices but I’ve seen some days higher than that.)

Here’s what CME had to say…

The number of people accessing agricultural market data through mobile devices is increasing. That’s not a surprise. More than half of American farmers own a smartphone.

What’s surprising is the rate at which mobile growth is happening. Since 2011, the number of those accessing grains and livestock pricing on the CME Group website through a mobile phone or tablet has increased 210 percent, to about 850,000 unique mobile visits in 2013.


Agriculture Subsidy Chart Comparison

This is an interesting chart I found that was embedded in a WSJ article related to how the world trade agreement discussions are treating India. Trade in agricultural agreements – needless to say – is complex.

See how EU Ag subsidies have been falling over the years… although I do not know how much additional crop subsidization is provided by its member states these days.

Source: How Can India Be Breaking WTO Rules When Rich Countries Spend So Much More on Their Farmers?