1870 Photo: Australian Farm Yard

Australian farm yard, Ovens River. 1870. Photograph of an early Australian farm scene. Shows bushland in background, a woman with two small children, haystacks, a man operating a horsedrawn plough, a bullock team and a second man watching l.r. From State Library Victoria Collection.

(Note that Thursday is Luddite Photo Day at B.P.A.)

In the Bigger Picture….

9 Recommended Agricultural Links ○ ○ ○

1 . The USDA has lowered its expectations of Chinese corn imports in coming years.

from Agrimoney

2 . Corn uses copious amounts of irrigation water.

By Brooke Barton for National Geographic

3 . South Africa is pushing back against foreign farmland ownership.

from Reuters

4 . A heat-tolerant wheat has been developed in Kansas.

from the AP

5 . CHART: Half of U.S. cropland is now on farms of 1,200 acres or more.

from the USDA

6 . It is a difficult balance between agricultural interests and fracking in Weld County Colorado.

By Kevin Simpson for the Denver Post

7 . In Jackson, Wyoming, a vertical greenhouse is being constructed to help with the local food supply.

By Garnet Henderson for City Lab

8 . The beef industry continues to use various growth enhancers which are controversial.

By Deena Shanker for Forbes

9 . This video shows how to run your own “food airbnb” named “PlateCulture” out of your kitchen.

By Wendy Tang for the WSJ (3 minutes)

These links were selected by Kay McDonald. Note that Wednesday Editions of “In the Bigger Picture…” focus on general and business related subjects and Friday Editions focus on grassroots subjects. For continually updated news about agriculture, please utilize the news feeds on the right sidebar here, and on the “Latest Ag News” tab above.