In the Bigger Picture….

12 Recommended Agricultural Links ○ ○ ○

1 . Global food prices fell 1 percent in February to their lowest in more than four-and-a-half years, with cereals, meat and sugar declining, oils steady and only dairy prices rebounding sharply.

from Reuters

2 . The largest greenhouse tomato producer in Quebec, Savoura, has become insolvent due to cheaper tomatoes from Mexico and Ontario.

from Fresh Plaza

3 . Potash Corporation is expanding in Brazil.

by Guillermo Parra-Bernal and Ashutosh Pandey for Reuters

4 . Why were 300,000 chickens killed mysteriously in South Carolina?


5 . CHART: U.S. wheat export market continues its downward slide.

from the USDA

6 . U.S. exports 836 million gallons of ethanol worth $2.1 billion.

from Midwest Producer

7 . The Cargill family has 14 billionaires.

by DRAKE BAER for Business Insider

8 . More states in the U.S. are showing up with avian flu strains in poultry.

from USDA

9 . In Texas, the strawberry industry is growing.

from Texas A&M AgriLife

10 . Quotes from 2016 hopefuls at Iowa agriculture forum.

by the AP

11 . FAO highlights ways large-scale development plans can transform rural economies which are held back by lack of infrastructure.

from FAO

12 . A few dairy farmers are breaking the law on antibiotic use.

by Dan Charles for NPR

These links were selected by Kay McDonald. Note that Wednesday Editions of “In the Bigger Picture…” focus on general and business related subjects and Friday Editions focus on grassroots subjects. For continually updated news about agriculture, please utilize the news feeds on the right sidebar here, and on the “Latest Ag News” tab above.